Welcome to Horrifying Halloween!


‘Dead Man’s Lake’

This is a great short that recreates the feel of a 1980’s Slasher Movie.

Check out more by these guys at bloodycuts.co.uk


‘Red Balloon’ is a short film by Hurricane Production.

The production values are amazing on this one and it has the feel of a big budget movie.

A babysitter alone in a secluded house.... what could go wrong?


‘There’s no such thing’

 is a short by DayWaltFearFactory (youtube name). At 3 and a half minutes running time, there’s no reason you cant watch this just before bed!


‘Don’t Move’

An absolute  masterpiece from bloodycuts! A group of friends dabble with a ouija board and get more than they bargained for! A must watch with the sound up, lights down, treatment!